Vessev creates marine technology to propel a more liveable world – hydrofoiling electric vessels that are quiet, smooth, business smart, and planet smarter.

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The website needed to reflect Vessev's pioneering spirit in changing how people move on water through technology and innovation, focusing on the environmental and economic impacts, proudly originating from New Zealand. In addition, the new website revealed Vessev's first commercial vessel, VS—9.

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CGI content

To showcase various features of Vessev's first VS—9 vessel and its unique technology, we produced a variety of static and animated CGI and used them in a range of interactive components.

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Interactive calculators

One of the goals was to tell a meaningful story of how Vessev's boats can positively change the way people travel, reduce negative impact on the environment and operational costs for businesses who choose to operate these boats. We came up with interactive charts and calculators to clearly illustrate the benefits of electric vessels over conventional fossil fuel alternatives.

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We have selected the industry-leading NextJS framework along with Sanity, a modern headless CMS, and Vercel, our go-to cloud hosting solution. Following modern Jamstack architecture best practices, the website is fast, secure and supports any amount of simultaneous visitors. Vessev website is rich with video content, so we selected Mux as a video hosting platform that integrates into Sanity with ease and provides the best experience for serving a variety of optimised formats and sizes of video content to the users.

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