The Urban Physio is a modern wellness clinic for busy people and their families looking for quality care and support in maintaining an active lifestyle.

Urban Physio website screenshot 1

Our goal was to design a website that complements in-person client interactions, where every touchpoint makes a client journey as welcoming and comfortable as possible while showcasing services in a fresh new way.

The website design was part of a wider range of marketing activities and The Urban Physio wanted to shift its market positioning towards the premium market segment and expand the list of services they provide.

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Brand & Content

Prior to designing the website, we partnered with SmithMade to refresh Urban Physio’s brand which became a modern and solid marketing foundation. To make sure great design is complemented by top-quality content, we worked with Clara Jane and the client to produce sleek and engaging shots for the website.

Urban Physio website screenshot 4
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In this project, we recommended Sanity and NextJS hosted on Vercel as an industry-leading combination for Jamstack architecture-based fast and secure websites with a cost-effective infrastructure. We designed and developed a custom block-based system, allowing the marketing team to manage content easily, autonomously compose new landing pages when required, and keep the website content fresh.

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