Thanasis Kaiafas Photography

Thanasis Kaiafas Photography is a personal brand of an amazing greek photographer Thanasis Kaiafas.

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We've collaborated with the greek web-designer Manos Siganos to work on this unique photography brand.


Thanasis Kaiafas is one of the best greek wedding photographers with multiple industry awards and an international presence in his niche.

Our goal was to tell Thanasis's story through the website and show his unique vision through the blog and photo galleries.

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WordPress was our CMS of choice for this project. Thanasis blogs a lot and WordPress was perfect for this case.

Apart from telling the story we also needed to incorporate a simple e-commerce shop for Thanasis and create the custom pricing pages for his clients.

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We continue to support Thanasis Kaiafas Photography and provide regular updates and maintenance.

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Having the chance to work with Eugen & WildLabs was a blessing for me my family & the work I love - photography!

Its amazing when you have a person like Eugen and the ability to visualise and transform your thoughts into a website with the perfect development code.

Many times I needed his services from creating from scratch my website to fixing & micro adjusting the small details to to troubleshooting all the everyday things that can happen online - Eugen was there to help me!

I trust him from start to finish and couldn’t imagine my website and online experience without him!

– Thanasis Kaiafas
Suite 6, QB Studios,
2 Morgan St Newmarket,
Auckland, New Zealand.
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