Phocaeus Photography

Phocaeus Photography is a personal photography brand of a hyper-talented greek photographer Alexandra Fokaeos.

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Alexandra hired us to create a digital voice to raise the awareness of her brand, increase customer base and display her unique work.


During the design phase we've worked closely with Alexandra to find the right style, colour pallete and layout that represents her as an artist and emphasises her photography work.

Phocaeus Photography Branding by Wildlabs


After reviewing Alexandra's business goals, we determined that a WordPress site would best serve her needs. We customized the backend so she could easily add new content when necessary.

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Phocaeus Photography Mobile Gallery Page by Wildlabs
Phocaeus Photography Mobile Galleries by Wildlabs

User Experience

The website is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewer experience. Accessibility was very important for Alexandra and the website is 100% accessible for people with disabilities.

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Phocaeus Photography Contact Page by Wildlabs

Customer Journey

Alexandra is a world-class photographer with a unique vision. Every page on the website was built to support and emphasise that.

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