flwr is an Auckland, New Zealand based flower studio specializing in bespoke bouquets and floral arrangements for special occasions.

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Elena from flwr has asked us to build them a very basic e-commerce one-pager. Then she came back to us for a custom-built outstanding "version two" website.


flwr has originated as a small studio of one person working from home. We know how hard it is to start a small business when every dollar counts, so initially we’ve helped flwr with a simple online store based on Squarespace. We’ve customised an existing template, configured the commerce part of it, trained the founder and the business was on rails.

Later on, when the business got some traction and they wanted something special and unique, we’ve built them a custom WordPress website with WooCommerce.

flwr bouquet page Mobile Version by Wildlabs
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We’ve developed a simple and minimalistic but at the same time unique and recognisable identity and branding.

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Product Design

We’ve helped flwr to come up with the idea of a minimalist range of six bouquets, each in a unique colour palette. We’ve then introduced the palette-based product design into the new version of the website, planned and organised a photo and video shoot.


Amazing guys, real professionals! They’ve delivered two versions of my website and I will definitely continue to work with them in the future!

I’m writing this review In the second week of version two launch campaign, and I’m literally receiving wedding enquiries every day, comparing to 1-2 a week before. Very happy! Thank you Wildlabs!

– Elena Baeva
Suite 6, QB Studios,
2 Morgan St Newmarket,
Auckland, New Zealand.
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