Universal Homes


Universal Homes Limited have been creating beautiful homes and communities across New Zealand for over 60 years and delivered new home to tens of thousands of homeowners.

Universal Homes approached us when they had standalone outdated websites for each of their development community. They needed to combine all their websites into one and create a seamless digital experience that helps their customers to understand the process of purchasing with Universal Homes, and find relevant properties that meet their needs. The website needed to be fast and secure, with a user-friendly CMS and custom-styled HubSpot embedded forms for ease of marketing management and to streamline the sales process.

We have restructured, designed and built a single website that houses all of the Universal Homes development communities. On a new website customers can browse between all development locations, properties and other relevant content. We have integrated Algolia search and HubSpot. The new website has a headless custom-tailored CMS system that is very secure and easy to use for daily content management.

Website, Laravel, Statamic, Jamstack, Algolia, Hubspot
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